Suspended Panel


A line of medium-large products with elegant convex shapes designed to meet the need for products with shapes similar to those of the “Vela” line but with larger formats and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


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Side profiles: aluminium

End caps: aluminium

Internal crosspieces: aluminium

Panelling: aluminium

Front protection: in transparent non-reflecting polyester (PETG) (only for the version with graphics on paper)

Suspended rigid post: aluminium

Ceiling mounting plate: steel


In pre-spaced vinyl or permanent digital printing.

Alternatively the graphics can be printed on paper which allows the customer to update the content independently.

Tamper proof

The position at a height above the ground makes it difficult to reach and therefore less susceptible to the risk of tampering.


Protection level: excellent

The panelling with graphics can be removed only by partial dismantling.

Graphics on paper can be removed only by using a special suction cup.


Wall mounting with expansion bolts.


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