Projecting structure


The elegant design with its convex forms and easy-to-use features make the “Vela” an innovative line of signs that can satisfy all practical and aesthetic needs.

“Vela” is particularly suitable for indoor use and comes in various medium-small formats. The creativity of the designer is allowed a free rein which means plenty of scope for customising and at the same time it extremely easy to change signs: the messages are printed on card using a PC and can be modified at any time.


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Side profiles: aluminium

End caps: polycarbonate + ABS

Panelling: aluminium or coated polyester (PETG)

Front protection: transparent non-reflecting polyester (PETG) (only in the version with graphics on paper)

Projecting structure support: aluminium


In pre-spaced vinyl or permanent digital printing.

Alternatively the graphics can be printed on paper which allows the customer to update the content independently.

Tamper proof

The position at a height above the ground makes it difficult to reach and therefore less susceptible to the risk of tampering.


Protection level: good

Graphics on paper or panelling with vinyl graphics can be removed only using a special suction cup.


Wall mounting with expansion bolts.


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