Totem type S

With flat panelling and two almost concealed inset side posts.

Specific for organising panelling in interchangeable modules and with inserts for paper content.

Combined N – M – S

These three types can be combined together to obtain a large structure with different thicknesses and with panelling organised on a number of independent columns.


Graphics on paper (available only for totem type S)

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Vertical extrusions: aluminium

Panelling: aluminium, Dibond

Magnetic front protection: in transparent non-reflecting polyester (PETG) (only for the version with graphics on paper) with magnetic vertical extrusion

Base: steel


In pre-spaced vinyl or permanent digital printing.

Alternatively the graphics can be printed on paper which allows the customer to update the content independently (available only for the type S model used indoors).

Tamper proof

Protection level: excellent

The panelling with graphics can be removed only by partially dismantling the article.




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