Monolithic structures with pleasant design extremely effective for communicating identity and image or first stage of flow direction.

The panelling can be made in a single piece or subdivided into separate modules.

If there is an indoor lighting system, partially or entirely backlit signs can be installed.

As accessory articles there are also additional items such as displays, clocks, notice boards, box letters, outdoor lighting systems positioned on the ground or on the top of the structure.

Totem type L

Totem with a typical projecting shape and convex panelling.


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Vertical extrusions: aluminium

Panelling: aluminium, in Dibond, in opal (in the case of backlit totems)

Base: steel


Not usually available.

In some special cases they can be backlit but with certain restrictions on the arrangement of the graphics.


In pre-spaced vinyl or permanent digital printing.

Tamper proof

Protection level: excellent

The panelling with graphics can be removed only by partially dismantling the article.


Freestanding or can be mounted with expansion bolts to the existing floor, paving or plinth. If installed at height the plinth can be fitted with hanger bolts.


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