Door plates


The Customer can change the graphic content easily making this product line, with its border frame and rounded corners, a timeless classic solution for dealing with interchangeable graphics on paper.

The insertion of a transparent acrylic front panel offers protection of the messages from undesired tampering.

The product can also be enhanced by incorporating permanent adhesive graphics which are affixed to the protective front panel or replacing it with decorated aluminium panels.


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Vedi anche:


Border frame: aluminium

Frame corner pieces: nylon

Graphics on paper

Front protection: transparent non-reflecting polyester (PETG)

Back: aluminium

Permanent graphics

Alternative panelling: aluminium


The graphics can be produced on paper which allows the Customer to update the content at will.

Alternatively the graphics can be produced in pre-spaced vinyl or by permanent digital printing.

Tamper proof

Protection level: good

The front panelling with graphics can be removed only by partially dismantling the frame. To remove the top part of the frame considerable effort is required as it was fitted under considerable force.

Protection level: excellent

If the maximum protection is required it is possible to fit the corner piece with a tamper proof dowel so that the frame cannot be opened.

The front protection can also be strengthened further using a thicker panel.

Ideal for use in lifts.


Wall mounting with double sided adhesive tape or expansion bolts.


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