Showcases with sliding door panel for indoor use

Using a notice board for displaying information means opting for a practical elegant solution that ensures a rapidly accessible protected space.

This line of notice boards, for indoor use only, is fitted with sliding doors, lock and key.


Sliding door

Tamper proof

Protection level: excellent

The display material is protected by a front door panel with lock and key.

Display of sheets

Using small magnets

Using metal pins

The back or front of the notice board can also be customised by applying adhesive vinyl graphics


Lighting system (optional): LED type.

The lighting will be inside the notice board and concealed by a shade consisting of adhesive film at the top


Border frame: aluminium

Corner pieces: aluminium

Front protection: glass

Back: steel (for use with small magnets), cork rubber (for use with pins), aluminium (to be covered with adhesive vinyl graphics)

Stands as follows:

Posts: aluminium

Bases: steel


Wall mounting with expansion bolts or mounted on stands.

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