Suspended panel

Segno with frame

This line of products with flat modular interchangeable panels represents a timeless classic solution which can blend pleasantly into any situation.
A special border frame can be incorporated into the system.

Besides making the product more distinctive it prevents removal of the modules and offers protection against vandalism or undesired tampering.


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Panelling: aluminium modules

Module attachment clip: in technopolymer

Border frame: aluminium

Frame corner pieces: nylon

Cables: plasticised steel

Suspension clamp: chromed brass


In pre-spaced vinyl or by permanent digital printing.

Tamper proof

The position at a height above the ground makes it difficult to reach and therefore less susceptible to the risk of tampering.

Protection level: excellent

The interchangeable modules are locked in place by pressing hard on the clips at the back, but to access them the frame must be partially dismantled.

To remove the top part of the frame considerable effort is required as it was fitted under considerable force.


Wall mounting with expansion bolts.


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