Suspended panel


The MIRAGE line brings together all the best features of the convex and modular product lines offering a complete range of medium-large products used mainly indoors.

The curved lines confer an elegant appearance while the practical system, mainly as regards the panels and totems, makes it possible to interchange modules whenever it becomes necessary to change the message.

Although the products of the MIRAGE line are extremely lightweight they all have a very solid basic structure.

This product is very versatile and the panelling can be subdivided into interchangeable modules.


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Side profiles: aluminium

End caps: polycarbonate + ABS

Panelling: aluminium

Concealed rear connections: plastic clips

Cables: in plasticised steel

Suspension clamp: in chromed brass


In pre-spaced vinyl or permanent digital printing.

Tamper proof

The position at a height above the ground makes it difficult to reach and therefore less susceptible to the risk of tampering.


Protection level: fair

The interchangeable modules are locked in place by pressing hard on the clips at the back.


The panels are attached using clips while the projecting structure support is mounted on the wall using expansion bolts. Projecting structure panel


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