Freestanding leaflet display

Freestanding two-sided leaflet display with elegant discreet design and plain lines.

With elegantly designed sloping leaflet holders.

Available in the version with aluminium side panels bent and mounted directly on the supporting structure or in the version with satin finish methacrylate side panels mounted using spacers.

The panels are milled to house transparent methacrylate leaflet holders in vertical formats A4 and 1/3 A4. The last mentioned format is obtained by inserting a divider inside the A4 display case to create two spaces for 1/3 A4.

Bisilver – Bisatin

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Two-sided with aluminium panelling


Two-sided with methacrylate panelling

Leaflet display

The leaflets are displayed in the leaflet holders


Panelling: aluminium or satin finish methacrylate (PMMA)

Post: aluminium

Base: steel

Leaflet holders: methacrylate

Format: A4 or 1/3 A4


With freestanding base