Suspended panel

Elix NF

The modernity of the flat lines and minimalist design make this family of products the ideal solution for a variety of needs. Designed as an extension of the Elix line, the Elix NF has an elegant fixed micro border frame. It is the perfect choice when the content has to be changed only rarely and graphics on paper are not used.


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Side profiles: aluminium

End caps: polycarbonate + ABS

Panelling: Dibond

Cables: in plasticised steel

Suspension clamp: in chromed brass


In pre-spaced vinyl or permanent digital printing.

Tamper proof

The position at a height above the ground makes it difficult to reach and therefore less susceptible to the risk of tampering.


Protection level: fair

The panelling can be removed only after the panel has been completely removed from the wall.


Wall mounting with expansion bolts.


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