Click system showcases for indoor use

Using a notice board for displaying information means opting for a practical elegant solution that ensures a rapidly accessible protected space.

Quick substitution of the graphics and compactness of the frame make this notice board the ideal solution for displaying information subject to change without the need for protection using a lock and key.


Snap-open frame

Tamper proof

Protection level: low

The sheet is held by the frame when it snaps shut.

Display of the sheets

Held by the frame when it snaps shut


Not available


Border frame: aluminium

Corner pieces: nylon

Front protection: transparent non-reflecting polyester (PETG)

Back: Forex or Dibond

Springs (not exposed): spring steel

Stands as follows:

Posts: aluminium

Bases: steel


Wall mounting with double sided adhesive tape or expansion bolts.

Alternatively it can be mounted on a stand.

Click on the image to enlarge

Click on the image to enlarge