Wall panel


The Aqua line combines various types of products in which the methacrylate support becomes a main feature creating a number of different lightweight elegant solutions.

It is therefore possible to have a satin finish or transparent methacrylate plate set off the wall by means of rectangular clamps or mounted on elegant supports.

Dibond panels or transparent methacrylate holders are also available for inserting paper material. These are also convenient when the content has to be changed.


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Rectangular clamps: aluminium

Panelling: transparent/satin finish PMMA or Dibond

Holder: transparent PMMA (as an alternative to the panelling)


In pre-spaced vinyl or permanent digital printing.

Alternatively the graphics can be printed on paper which allows the customer to update the content independently.

Tamper proof

Aqua with panelling

Protection level: excellent

The panelling is firmly held in the clamp. It can be removed only using a special tool.

The sheet of paper is firmly held between two layers of panelling which in turn are held in the clamp. It can be removed only using a special tool.

Aqua with holder

Protection level: none

The sheet of paper is inserted in the holder.


Wall mounting with expansion bolts.


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