Aqua single post

Freestanding structure, easy to relocate, with a flat double sided panel or holder held by a rectangular clip supported by a post. This versatile product can also be used with paper content.


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Rectangular clamps: aluminium

Panelling: transparent PMMA or Dibond

Holder: transparent PMMA (as an alternative to the panelling)

Post: in aluminium

Base: in steel


In pre-spaced vinyl or permanent digital printing.

Alternatively the graphics can be printed on paper which allows the customer to update the content independently.

Tamper proof

Aqua single post (small)

Protection level: excellent

The panelling is firmly held in the clamp, to remove it a special tool is required.

If a holder is used the sheet of paper is inserted between the transparent protective sheets which are firmly held in the clamp. A special tool is needed to remove them.




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