To improve the user’s present and future experience of this site we use cookies.
A cookie is a small text file that a site saves on the computer or mobile device of the user who is navigating the site. Cookies make it possible to record the actions and preferences expressed (for example the authentication of reserved areas, the language selected or other display settings) so that the user does not have to enter then again on returning to the site or navigating from one page to another. Cookies are also used to determine whether the visits are by new or past visitors and to memorise some anonymous and non-anonymous information, regarding their navigation of the pages (entry and exit links, navigation through the pages, time spend browsing, etc.).
Using the site users accept the installation of cookies on their device which are “first-party” and “third-party” indicated in the “List of cookies used” shown below.
Disabling the saving of all or some cookies the navigability of the site (or some sections of it) could be impaired or limited by the absence of functions.


Cookies can be distinguished by their duration, the domain that installed them and their function.


Session cookies
These are temporary files that are memorised until the site is left (or the navigation browser is closed).
Persistent cookies
These are files that are stored and maintained even after leaving the site and closing the browser. They are deleted only after the expiry date indicated in the cookie itself.


“First-party” cookies
These are files which are installed on the users device directly by the site which the user is navigating.
“Third-party” cookies
These are files which are installed by external sites using the code incorporated in the pages of the site being navigated. Examples of third-party cookies include those installed by social plugins (for sharing content) or cookies which analyse visits.


Indispensable “technical” cookies
These are essential for correction operation of the pages of the site. Without these cookies some functions could be impaired and access to the content could be limited. For example they make it possible to keep a trace on authentication by a user or site administrator. This type of cookie does not collect any personal information of the user.
“Technical” function cookies
These are cookies used to memorise the user’s choices to improve navigation (for example the language, or to fill out a form in advance with the name used previously). This type of cookie could include personal information (for example the user name). Without these cookies some functions and navigation between pages could be impaired.
Performance cookies
These are cookies used to determine: whether the users are first time visitors, how they use the site, how they move through the pages, how much time they remain on the pages and the site, from which geographical area they have accessed the site.
The data does not identify the user as a person but are aggregated in an anonymous way by analytical instruments. Deactivation does not impair the functions offered by the site in any way.
Cookies of social widgets
Some widgets made available by social networks (such as Facebook ,Twitter, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.) may use third party cookies. Deactivation does not impair use of the site except in the sections where widgets may be installed (for example to incorporate videos or maps) and in some cases the possibility of rapid sharing or commenting some areas of the site.
Advertising cookies
This site does NOT use this type of cookie. Advertising cookies are installed to show site visitors the content related to their preferences. Therefore they may be used to show advertising content aimed at the individual’s interests. This type of cookie works in cooperation with third party sites and may contain a trace of past navigation on pages in different domains. This type of cookie usually keeps a trace of the user’s IP address or other information, some of which may be personal.


Our pages use the third-party performance cookies of Google Analytics (service offered by Google, Inc.) to allow us to collect anonymous data and examine the behaviour of visitors when they use the site and to improve its usability and user experience.
Using the Google Analytics panel it is possible to know if the visits are by new or old visitors, checking the page navigation procedures (access and exit links, moving through pages, browsing times, geographical place of origin, etc.
The Google Analytics service has been set to use data made anonymous beforehand with the anonymizeIp function so as to hide the last part of the visitor’s IP address.
For further information on Google Analytics consult the sites below:
The action of Google Analytics can be disabled using the instruments provided by Google. For information on this see the site:


To make it possible for site visitors to share the content of a site on social networks instruments (widgets) made available by the social networks themselves can be incorporated into the pages.
These instruments (usually blocks of code inserted in the pages of the host site) can collect third-party cookies installed by social networks (such as Facebook ,Twitter, YouTube, etc.); the site does not share any information with these widgets. For further information on the cookies of the major social networks visit the following sites:

Privacy Facebook
Privacy Twitter
Privacy Google
Privacy LinkedIn
Privacy Pinterest


To disable the use of all or some cookies the settings of the navigation browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) have to be modified.
Browsers are usually preset to accept cookies unless they are configured by the user in a different way.
It is possible to have the browser block some or all cookies or to show a message to the user before proceeding with the installation of a cookie.
For convenience the links to the management of cookies for the most common browses are listed below:


The following table list the cookies that we use and the information they contain.
Cookie name
Type and Duration
(X indicates a variable number)

Site Platform

Indispensable Technician
These cookies of WordPress do not affect the user’s navigation experience and do not contain personal information.
They contain information on the geographical location of the visit and can be used to modify the language used to display the site content. Used in the case of a login by an administrator of the site.
(XXX indicates a session code)
Site Platform
Indispensable Technician
The cookie is used to store information on the authentication of the user of the site, allowing faster and more convenient use. Used in the case of login by an administrator of the site.
(XXX indicates a session code)

Site Platform

Indispensable Technician
The cookie stores the user’s authentication status.
Used in the case of a login by an administrator of the site.

Site Platform

Indispensable Technician
This is a test cookie of WordPress which verifies whether or not the browser is enabled to save cookies. Used in the case of a login by an administrator of the site.

Site Patform

Indispensable Technician
These are cookies that make it possible to memorise the navigation language selected by the visitor (or site administrator).

Site Platform

Indispensable Technician

Keeps only a trace of the unambiguous navigation session code and does not contain any personal information.
Google Analytics
Third Parties
This is used to distinguish the user and session. The cookie is updated every time the data is sent to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

Third Parties
This is used to manage requests made to the service of Google Analytics.
APISID, HSID, NID, PREF, SAPISID, SID, SSID__utma, __utmb, __utmt,
__utmt_super, __utmz, _ga, _gat, _gat_ta, _gat_tw, PAIDCONTENT, WMC,
Google Maps
Third Parties
Cookies installed by the Google Maps module used to include maps in the page.
Management of information on cookies
The acceptance expressed concerning the use of cookies by the site is memorised.
Note: third-party cookies can change name, increase or decrease in number at any time and without forewarning by the third-party supplier.

Modifications to this information

This information may be subject to modification over time (for example, changes in regulations, or the introduction of new services offered by this site) therefore we invite users to check the modifications by consulting this page from time to time.